Here's how to finally unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask

If you have an iPhone and have left the house in the last year, you’ve probably noticed that Apple’s signature face recognition tool and mask-wearing do not mix.

Instead of unlocking the iPhone with the handy Face ID tool, users have had to (gasp!) enter their passcode manually while out in public during the pandemic.

This week the tech giant announced that it’s testing a way to resolve the issue. But, of course, you’ll be required to own or buy a second one of their products for this feature to work.

If this isn’t a sign of the times, I don’t know what is.

According to Gizmodo, iPhone users can begin to use the beta version of the roll out now as long as they also have and are wearing an unlocked Apple Watch on their wrist.

To get started make sure both devices are backed up and have the latest updates. Then visit in Safari on your phone to download the iOS 14.5 public beta. For in depth instructions on how to do that, Gizmodo has you covered.

You’ll then be prompted to install a watchOS (also from your phone). Once that’s downloaded, head to the Watch App and install the software update under General.

Then head to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Unlock with Apple Watch and turn the feature on. According to Gizmodo, the watch will now vibrate to unlock when users hold their phone ups to their face to unlock.

Or if all of this is too much, just enter the dang passcode manually like we used to do for years. Get your vaccine when you can. And pray that this is all over soon.

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